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Tubing Adventure With Savannah

By June 7, 2017 Family Life, General, Health Journey

I decided to go tubing this past Saturday with a friend, my sister and my youngest child Savannah.  Which, was supposed to be my start to exercising again especially after all this rain we’ve had.  Well, we had a few mishaps or I guess you could say a series of unfortunate events.

In case you don’t know I live in Bryson City, NC.  You could also say I live in the Great Smoky Mountains!!! Very Beautiful especially in the Spring – Fall.  Winter is still pretty but, everything looks dead.  My favorite time of year is the Fall.  The leaves change into beautiful Autumn colors and it’s not so hot.  Oh and we have the best places for tubing. 🙂

I chose to go tubing down Deep Creek in Bryson City.  Very beautiful place to camp, hike, horseback ride, bike ride, and tube of course.  So, the hike up was great, I felt alive and ready to go.  Which, is the first time in a long time I felt that great.  We get down farthest spot you can put your tube in and we start our water fun and after the hike it was much deserved.

Fall 1: I put a life jacket on Savannah who is 17 months old and we set her on my lap in the tube.  Everything was great until little fall 1.  So, we go down the little fall and well, we fall out and Savannah screamed bloody murder.  I should mention that creek water is cold and I am pretty sure it was a shock to her.  We then get situated again and decide to keep going.  I thought to myself no big deal the worst fall is over.  The rest of the way is a piece of cake; I mean I’ve done this a million times.

Boy was I wrong…..

Fall 2: We get going and Savannah is now having fun again and we are heading down fall 2 when we hit a rock and it spins us backwards which, without a child is easy.  (So, when tubing you want to lean against not with the fall)  I was leaning against the fall when we hit rock and spun backwards but, now I am leaning with the fall.  I tried to lean against again but, it was to late and baby and I flipped over.  This wouldn’t have been so bad but, the current was very strong and fast.  Also, very rocky.  So, I hold Savannah up so she won’t hit any rocks and in doing so the current keeps sucking me under.  I keep swallowing water and I keep trying to get myself up but, I can’t.  Savannah is fine mind you it’s me that is drowning because I can’t fight the current.

Finally, I hear a voice from heaven say, “Grab that baby the mom is drowning!!! Hurry, GRAB THE BABY!!!

I just knew right then that my baby was gonna be okay.  I lunged her forward with all my might and took my last breath and told Savannah I loved her.  I was then sucked back under swallowing more water my mind was calm though because she was safe…..  A few moments later a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out too.  In shock and panic I seen my baby and went to grab her but, the man said to calm down and wait because we were still in the water.

Now, we are just trying to get to safety.  All the other tubers behind us didn’t realize what had happened so, they are running into us not realizing we have a baby.  When finally a man gives us his tube and they put my baby on it and tubed her across to the man on the other side. I then slid down in the rocks to the other side and got my baby and waited for our heroes.  I will never forget them nor will I ever be able to thank them enough for saving our lives.

I did end up with tons of bruises, a pretty bad scrape on my right leg, broke my toe, and bruised my right knee pretty bad.  But, none of that matters because my Savannah was worth it and she didn’t have a scrape or bruise on her 🙂

Jessica and William if this ever finds you,  Thank you so very much!! 

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Eating Healthy and Getting Groceries!!

By May 24, 2017 Family Life, General, Health Journey

Today I found myself in the grocery store since, my cupboards and fridge were completely empty!  I decided as soon as I walked into the store that I was gonna buy healthy foods and healthy snacks.  So, I avoided some of the aisles I usually shop down for snacks and I bought organic meats.  I did grab a few snacks for the children that they can have as a desert but, I decided it will be a treat not an everyday snack.

Butter: Instead of butter which, I use to cook pretty much everything, I bought olive oil.  Yes, it’s a bit more pricey but, my body will thank me for it later.

Snacks:  I bought fresh fruit apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and blue berries. I did buy one thing of cookies for an after dinner snack once a week.

Sides:  I still bought Mac n cheese but, I got beans, rice, stuff to make salads, and more veggies.

Meals: I only bought one pasta meal this time which, is saying a lot for me lol.  The rest were chicken based, 1 pork, 1 ham, and 1 steak meal.

I also bought deli lunch meat, white wheat bread as I am slowly getting used to eating all wheat based breads.

I know it wasn’t a perfect trip but, It’s a start to a healthier family.  I will say I spent 400 dollars so, I am going to have to start collecting coupons.  🙂

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My Health and Wellness Journey!!

By May 15, 2017 General, Health Journey

As a woman who has had two c-sections it has been hard to get some of the weight off of my belly!  I have taken a before pic recently and I will be posting monthly updates so, we can go through this journey together.  I am super excited to start seeing and sharing my results with you all.  Also, along during this journey I have decided to start selling health and wellness products which, I will be sharing as well.  Today is day 4 of the healthier me journey.

Products that I am using as of right now is called Ultimate Body Applicator, and Thermofit.  Both are so far amazing products.  I will be adding Fat Fighters and a monthly 2 day Cleanse.  All the products I am using are all natural products.  I have several friends who have take this journey and have fantastic Success stories! Losing anywhere from 10-100 lbs within 6 months to a year.   Amazing right!?!  Which, is why I started and also, why I am sharing with you!  Everyone deserves the chance for a healthier you! 🙂

Products I am using: (as of now)

  • Ultimate Body Applicator= you wear every 3 days and drink (half your body weight in ounces) water within the 3 days.  This helps tighten, tone, and firm the appearance of your skin.  I am using it on my tummy as it is my biggest problem area.
  • Ultimate Thermofit = This you take 2 times daily with water and do not take 3 hrs before bedtime.  This All Natural dietary supplement helps boost metabolism, burn calories, gain energy, and curb appetite.  Take with Water
  • Fat Fighters= take 2 times daily an hour after each meal. This Natural supplement helps absorb less fat and carbs from food you have eaten.  Take with Water
  • Should drink 8 glasses of water a day.

This is not just a weight loss goal this is a healthier me goal.  So, I will be exercising too.  These products are to help boost diet and exercise not replace it.  And that boost is what I need. I exercise but, I do not eat like I should and no I don’t eat to much I eat too little which, causes your metabolism to slow down. Not good.   I will post dietary meal plans and diabetic meal plans as I am looking to help others eat the foods we love just in a healthier way!

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